May Plumbing Tips 2016

Plumbing is an intricate and oft ignored part of our everyday lives. However, when something goes wrong or simply isn't working the way we expect, it can become incredibly frustrating. Here are a few tips to reduce plumbing irritants.

  1. Reduce Sink Vibrations: Spray foam in the gap on the underside of a stainless steel sink in order to reduce noise and vibrations from sink and disposal use.
  2. Minimize Noise from Pipes: Additional anchor straps are often a solution to banging pipes. Take this a step further by adding felt between any straps or anchors to reduce noise even more.
  3. Dump the Coffee Grounds: Along with grease, coffee grounds are a big offender when it comes to clogging drains. Avoid washing them down the drain, instead opting to toss the damp clumps in the trash.
  4. Reduce Water Heater Noise: A loud banging from the water heater is usually caused by air bubbling up through a layer of sediment. Performing a flush can clear the sediment and reduce, if not eliminate, the noise.
  5. Lower Plumbing Pressure: Too much water pressure can lead to leaks. Erratically leaking faucets and plumbing fixtures are often a sign of this issue. Pressure can be adjusted at the home or office's internal water main.
  6. Stop an Overflowing Toilet: Pull up on the float in the tank to close the lever on an overflowing toilet. This should allow time for water in the bowl to drain or for the water to be shut off.

Sometimes simple solutions won't solve the problem. When you have real plumbing issues, Benjamin Franklin is here to help.

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