5 Green Plumbing Tips for Your Home or Office


Even if you aren’t interested in “going green”, new technology and environmentally friendly solutions can provide extra safety…and often save you some cash in the process. Here are a few tips and tools to help make your home or office a bit greener.

  1. Install and on-demand hot water circulation pump. On-demand pumps push hot water through the plumbing system in seconds, reducing unused hot water sitting in pipes as well as the time spent waiting for heated water to arrive. Reduced waiting time equals water usage savings.
  2. Dual-flush toilets provide two options for flushing – a low water option for liquid waste and a more robust flush for solids.
  3. Whole-house water filters eliminate chemicals, toxins and sediment from your water before it is circulated. The water delivered at the tap will not only be safer and more potable but the water used by appliances will be less corrosive as well – leading to less wear and tear on big-ticket items.
  4. Store drinking water in the refrigerator rather than running the water until it gets cold. The easy-to-access beverage will save time and reduce water consumption.
  5. Avoid chemicals when unclogging a sink or drain. There are many safer ways to keep sinks and drains clear such as removing the u-bend to pull out the blockage, utilizing a biological solution such as BioBen® or, for tough clogs and blockage, calling a trusted plumber.

Greener and more sustainable plumbing is usually a matter of using the appropriate equipment, applying proper maintenance and, occasionally, taking advantage of newer/updated technologies. Fortunately, running a more environmentally friendly home or office often means a little more “green” saved, as well.

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