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If you own your home, are renting a home or own a business, chances are you have had to hire a plumber. Plumbing problems are not uncommon and, while regular maintenance is suggested, most people are more reactive than proactive when it comes to their plumbing issues. No matter your situation, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Reno knows plumbing inside and out and is ready to assist.

We offer a variety of plumbing services - from simple issues such as leaky faucets and clogged drains to sewer piping and more. Our experienced staff is well-equipped to meet your individual needs.


Drain Clearing

No matter the cause or location of your clogged drain, one thing is for sure - You can count on Benjamin Franklin Reno to come to the rescue.

We offer drain clearing services designed to tackle even the toughest clogs.


General Plumbing

Whether you need us to perform an install, clean your drains or fix a broken toilet, we're confident we can get the job done right. The next time you need plumbing services, don't hesitate to contact Benjamin Franklin Reno.


Drain Cleaning

While there are products on the market that offer do-it-yourself remedies, these often only provide a temporary fix to tough, recurring clogs.

Our technicians have the proper tools to rid your drain of even the most troublesome blockage without damaging your pipes or your property.


Emergency Plumbing

Pipes bursting, toilets matter your plumbing emergency, Benjamin Franklin Reno is ready and able to provide the fix you need.


Fixture Installation

Sinks, toilets, water heaters and more...our technicians are ready and able to provide you with punctual and professional installation services for all of the plumbing fixtures in your home or office.


Repiping Specialists

Whether you're looking to replace old copper pipes or newer pipes that simply aren't working out, we have the tools and skills to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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