Reverse Osmosis & Other Water Filtration Options for Carson City, NV

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reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis works by using a high pressure pump to increase the pressure on the salt side of a membrane, forcing the water across the membrane, leaving almost all (95-99%) of dissolved salts behind in the reject stream. The amount of pressure required depends on the salt concentration of the feed water. The more concentrated the feed water, the more pressure is required to overcome the osmotic pressure.

Reverse Osmosis is capable of removing up to 99%+ of the dissolved salts, particles, colloids, organics, bacteria and pathogens from the feed water.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers a wide variety of water filtration options - including reverse osmosis. Our systems are designed to easily remove unwanted sediment and particles, giving you a water supply that is Cleaner, Healthier and Better Tasting.

We'll help you choose a water filtration system that best suits your needs and then install it accurately and efficiently. From smaller units to whole-house filtration systems, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Reno has an option that's right for you. So don't take chances with your water or compromise on its quality or taste. Call our team today for more information on water filtration options or to schedule an estimate.